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Debt Collection, Private Investigation, and Credit Related Services

Becker Commercial Services prides itself in providing professional assistance to companies, businesses and individuals both nationally and internationally.

We offer an on-line service incorporating an extensive database that has been accumulated from various data sources containing pertinent information relating to the credit industry.

We specialise in all facets of financial reporting which will enable informative credit risk assessment. In conjunction, we offer an advisory service to secure against potential fraud or mismanaged companies. Our experienced collection team utilise professional debt recovery techniques within the guidelines of the Privacy Act with a proven success rate. We are a licenced employment agent for temporary and permanent placements within the credit and finance sectors.

Staff training is also available.

Becker Commercial Services is essential for anyone in business.

We are the one stop shop for people in the credit industry.


Latest News

Calls for federal investigation come after FCC found no legal fault with Google's collecting of personal data on Wi-Fi networks

The South Australian-based mobile phone company Excite Mobile Pty Ltd stands accused of pressuring customers for payments through a fictional independent debt collector, and telling customers their assets – including children's toys – could be repossessed if they didn't pay their bills.

The way business name registrations are managed in Australia is about to change.
Until now, business name registration has been handled by state-based agencies (e.g. Fair Trading in NSW or Consumer Affairs in Victoria).

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