Credit Checks, Insolvency and Reporting

Protect your assets, business & yourself.

Reduce your credit risk by knowing everything you should about who you are dealing with. This is where we can help.


‘Would you allow $5000 credit to someone that has failed to pay accounts with other creditors in the past 5 years?’

‘Would you trust someone who says they’ll pay at the end of the month, if legal proceedings were underway to recover overdue accounts for another creditor? 

Potential customers will not tell you if they are contemplating insolvency.


Credit Reporting If you are about to extend credit facilities to your customers, reduce risk and overexposure by utilizing our reporting services. Information obtained provides an effective tool affording a more informed decision to determine credit worthiness. Our comprehensive reports are tailored to suit your requirements

Credit Applications are designed to suit your industry requirements. All legal parameters are met when preparing documents, ensuring added security and limited risk upon extension of commercial credit. We are able to include a clause which allows us to retrieve any money spent during the collection process eg; Our Commission, Field calls, Legal costs etc.

Financial Analyses Provides information as to the financial health of an organization, including the analysis of trading figures, profit and loss statements and balance sheets.

Insolvency Information Our liaison with reputable liquidators and administrators facilitates the acquisition of relevant documentation with minimal delay.

Reporting - Sales and Marketing
Information on your competitors may secure a positive edge. Should you be considering a merger or takeover a special report will help your decision.



A wide variety of credit services are available to our clients, see below and click the title for more information and rates.


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