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Credit Reporting

Do you know who you are dealing with?

If you are about to extend credit facilities to your customers, reduce risk and overexposure by utilising our reporting services. Information obtained provides an effective tool affording a more informed decision to determine credit worthiness. Our comprehensive reports are tailored to suit your requirements and include positive reporting.

Types of Credit Reports:

  • Mini Reports

Are a great way to protect credit providers from being taken for a ride. In times of economy instability, mini reports should be conducted often. Mini Reports show:

Confirmation and verification of the directors/proprietors/signatories on your credit application, Results of the trade referees, Results of a random trade survey, Any relevant information from our database and outside sources regarding the subject and/or the operators and a summary re the credit worthiness of the applicant. Click here to order

  • Special Reports 

Customized reports consist of what is contained in a Mini Report plus the following: 

Directorship details, Share structure, Operating details, Background, Finances, Employees, Bank, Trade checks, Any adverse details, legal or collection action and a summary re the credit worthiness of the applicant  Contact us to see how we can customize Special Reports for you. 

  • MultiPower Reports

Contains a risk estimate and information on the company, it's directors and lists the business relationships of the directors. Click here to order

  • Investigative Reports

Are completed by Licenced Private Inquiry Agents and contain confidential information in relation to Private or Commercial Investigations cases. Contact us now

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