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Debt Collection

No Collection = No Commission

Our debt recovery services assists corporations, private business and individuals. Our techniques are proven and our reputation is unblemished. We provide an entire service from letters of demand, telephone calls, skip tracing and retrieval of goods through to issue, service and enforcement of legal action and serving legal documents. The service is operational Australia wide incorporating agents worldwide.

Your accounts will be assigned to a mercantile agent who is licensed to pursue your debtors to the full extent of the law. However, our methods of collection usually result in the full recovery of debt before the matter is referred for legal action. See flow chart (click here).

We can tailor a collection system to suit your business requirements. It is essential we understand the type of accounts sent for collection. eg. Long standing, loyal clients sometimes require a tasteful, overdue reminder notice oppose to a heavy demand approach. View price guide (click here)

Cross referencing information through various resources combined with over 20 years experience in the credit, investigation & collection industries, qualify Becker Commercial Services as an essential part of any business.  Contact us now

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