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Missing Persons


35,000 people are reported missing each year in Australia - one person every 15 minutes (Missing Persons in Australia 2008). 95 percent of missing persons are found within a short period of time (usually within a week) however the are currently 1,600 long-term missing persons (people who have been missing for more than six months).

A Missing Persons investigation is an in depth analysis of an individual and their character. Things like hobbies/interests, family relations, profession/occupation, school attended/education, etc, are each single parts which may contain the information needed to trace a persons current location
Over the past decade we have been fortunate enough to help reunite families, friends and colleagues.
The flipside is we have also located missing debtors who have ‘skipped’, created aliases for themselves and gone into hiding for whatever reason.
We have access to various databases and contacts in a vast range of industries that are paramount in finding missing persons and skipped debtors.

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