Private Investigations

Do you suspect or have a gut feel about:

  • Your partners faithfulness or activities when your not around

  • Staff behaviour, work activity or employee theft

  • Your Children/teens activites

  • Someone stalking you or someone you care about

  • Your home or premises being bugged or under surveillance

  • A prospective business partner/associate

  • The potential somebody has to repay a debt


  • We can help

Find out the facts and stop guessing!

In depth investigating of persons or companies can provide you with the facts needed to make informed decisions or solve problems that have not yet been addressed. We offer a personalized service granting our clients useful information relating to their own unique situation.

Dependant upon investigation type and scope, an hourly rate of $50 per agent will be charged (minimum of 4hrs). Photographic, Video surveillance, De-bugging and other specialized devices are charged according to requirements.

Our criminal lawyers have dealt with numerous cases with positive results.

Becker’s agents are fully certified and dedicated to finding answers.

Private Investigation Services include but are not limited to:


All matters are treated with the strictest confidentiality, call us to arrange a confidential meeting.  Contact us now


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